Investigating the Impact of the Cisco 21S Initiative on the Jefferson Parish Public School System: Summative Report

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The Cisco 21st Century Schools Initiative (Cisco 21S Initiative) represents an intensive, four-year, $80 million investment in technology, training programs, and Cisco employee resources in Mississippi and Louisiana. This report shares findings from the summative evaluation of the Cisco 21S partnership with a large district of 88 schools located in the heart of the Greater New Orleans metropolitan area. The authors share successes of the partnership, reflect upon what the partnership reveals about large-scale educational reform, outline future challenges for the district, and describe lessons learned. "Although JPPSS school leaders had engaged in reform efforts for years, progress in this large district was stymied by seemingly intractable education challenges such as an entrenched bureaucracy, antiquated technology, low student achievement, and high dropout rates. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, however, newly energized leadership and the Cisco 21S partnership combined to launch a dramatic educational transformation."


Harouna Ba, Terri Meade, Elizabeth Pierson, Camille Ferguson

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