Math for All (K-2): Professional Development Resources for Facilitators

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This comprehensive, multi-media professional development resource contains all the materials you need to conduct workshops that will show general and special education teachers how to collaborate to provide a high-quality, standards-based mathematics education to all Grade K–2 students, including those with disabilities. The learning experiences detailed in the books and DVDs help teachers assess students' strengths and needs, use multiple instructional strategies to teach specific math concepts, and tailor lessons to meet each student's strengths and needs and help him or her achieve high-quality learning outcomes in mathematics. Also available: A suite of materials for professional developers who work with Grade 3–5 educators.


Babette Moeller, Barbara Dubitsky, Marvin Cohen, Karen Marschke-Tobier, Hal Melnick, Linda Metnetsky, Andrea Brothman, and Randi Cecchine

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256 pp.
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