Biology/Biotechnology Curriculum Unit 1: Microbe Detectives: Solving a Medical Mystery

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This high school curriculum integrates the conceptual, analytical learning of biology with the technical, applied learning of biotechnology. The curriculum enables academic students to relate the concepts they learn in the classroom to real uses in the world outside. It enables technical students to understand the science concepts that underlie the laboratory techniques they master. Its goal is to broaden the learning of both academic and technical students to enable ALL students to continue to higher education and to learn science-based techniques employed in a high-skilled field of work

Microbe Detectives: Solving a Medical Mystery covers molecular biology. The program comprises five booklets of a student curriculum and a comprehensive Teacher Guide. The curriculum follows a story line about the outbreak and spread of an infectious disease (epidemiology), explores the molecular biological causes of the disease (DNA structure and function, and protein synthesis), and examines natural and technological ways to prevent or cure the disease (immunology and disease control). As students work to identify and treat the disease, they conduct labs or activities that include a gram stain, protein electrophoresis, building DNA, transformation, and replicating DNA.

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Cover of Microbe Detectives: Solving a Medical Mystery