Principal Investigator's Guide: Managing Evaluation in Informal STEM Education Projects

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This Guide is designed to help principal investigators and other leaders of informal STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education projects integrate evaluation into all phases of project design, development, and implementation. Chapters include: "True Stories from Your Peers," "Definitions and Principles," "Choosing an Evaluator," "Working as a Team," "Planning for Success," and "Reporting and Dissemination: Building in Dissemination from the Start." While the Guide is rooted in experiences and stories that are drawn mainly from NSF-funded projects, the process of developing a proposal, implementing a project, and working with an evaluator described in its pages should be relevant to practitioners working in most informal education environments regardless of the funding source.


Rick Bonney, Leslie Goodyear, Kirsten Ellenbogen, Rachel Hellenga

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Informal Science Exploration