Profile of the Big-Data-Enabled Specialist

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In this profile, developed for K-12 educators and policymakers, higher education administrators, and professionals in big-data-enabled fields, the authors identify what someone needs to know and be able to do in order to be successful in the field as a big-data-enabled specialist. In August 2014, EDC convened a panel of big data experts from many fields to produce the profile, and afterwards, asked more than 150 big data professionals to review and comment on it.

Beyond describing what big-data-enabled specialists do in their work, the expert panel and reviewers also emphasized the skills, knowledge, and behaviors most essential to success. When discussing trends over the next five years, the experts and reviewers identified data security as one of their largest concerns given the exponential rate of data growth. They were also concerned that the role of the big-data-enabled specialist is not well-defined in organizational culture and that public understanding of data remains low.


Oceans of Data Institute, including Ruth Krumhansl, Joseph Ippolito, Joyce Malyn-Smith

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