Secondary Lenses on Learning

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The Secondary Lenses on Learning professional development program helps leaders from a range of administrative and instructional roles provide strategic and coherent leadership for mathematics programs. The authors provide a comprehensive package that contains everything needed to offer this seminar. Over the course of six nationally field-tested learning sessions, school and district leaders will (a) explore concepts in middle and high school algebra as a window into content, instruction, and assessment; (b) assess the strengths and needs of their mathematics programs, set goals, and generate plans for ongoing improvement; and (c) engage in extended explorations and conversations through readings, problem-based activities, cases, and videos.  Participants in this innovative, new program will deepen their understanding of research-based practices associated with improved student learning and achievement in secondary mathematics and position their leadership teams to address necessary changes at the classroom level and in schoolwide systems.


Catherine Miles Grant, Valerie L. Mills, Mary Bouck, Ellen Davidson with Barbara Scott Nelson and Steve Benson

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