SMARTR Virtual Learning Experiences

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EDC led the development of SMARTR, a website of free, youth-focused math and science “virtual learning experiences” (VLEs) for middle-grades students. The SMARTR VLEs are highly interactive learning scenarios for youth that encourage them to further explore and experience math and/or science concepts such as ratios and proportions, probability, 3-dimensional geometry, genetics, forces and motion, plate tectonics, the human body and more. The VLEs include a wide array of multimedia content including videos, virtual activities, simulations, manipulatives, and games along with related career information. The site also features youth-appropriate educational technology tools, current science & math news for youth, and links to student opportunities such as science fairs, competitions, camps, internships and grants. SMARTR was created using a powerful, youth-centered, participatory educational technology design method. This method, developed by EDC, incorporates multiple elements and avenues for youth participation throughout the development process. It builds upon more than a decade of research that has focused on designing technology for children and on how to involve children as participants in design work.


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Image of Smartr Simulation Activity