Students' Voices: The Relationship Between Attitudes and Writing Outcomes for Fourth and Fifth Graders

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This article presents selected findings from a four-year EDC study of a writing curriculum for fourth- and fifth-grade students and discusses implications for future research. As part of the study, the authors measured students’ writing ability and three components of their attitudes about writing: Perceived Value of Writing, Self-Rating as a Writer, and Writing Behaviors. They found a small but consistent relationship between each component of students' attitudes about writing and their writing outcomes, with a slightly stronger relationship at the end of the year, especially for the Self-Rating as a Writer component. Their findings add to the convergence of evidence about the relationship between attitudes about writing and writing ability despite the different ways in which researchers define or measure attitudes. Their findings also serve to confirm the relationships between writing ability and attitudes about writing for students from high-poverty homes. (Read a related article.)



Andrea Winokur Kotula, Terrence Tivnan, Cynthia Mata Aguilar

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47 pp.
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