Supporting Parent-Child Experiences with PEG+CAT Early Math Concepts

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In this study, EDC and SRI researchers addressed the question of how time spent viewing and playing with PBS KIDS educational, non-commercial media can benefit young children’s learning, especially those growing up in lower-income communities. The pair of overarching goals of this CPB-PBS Ready To Learn research was to (1) explore how transmedia can support children’s early mathematics learning, and (2) substantively address the central role that parents/caregivers play in children’s learning. This report includes information about shifts in parent/caregiver perceptions of transmedia use, as well as how families engage with their children during transmedia viewing and play.


Shelley Pasnik, Naomi Hupert, Megan Silander, Savitha Moorthy, Carlin Llorente, Ximena Dominguez

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200 pp
Cartoon images of Peg and Cat, characters in Peg & Cat Early Math Concepts