Transition to Algebra

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Transition to Algebra is a new, full-year algebra support curriculum designed to run concurrently with first-year algebra and raise the competence and confidence of students who may benefit from supports for algebra success. Developed with funding from the National Science Foundation and published by Heinemann, Transition to Algebra builds students' Algebraic Habits of Mind, several key mathematical ways of thinking aligned with the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice. Students explore algebraic logic puzzles that connect to and extend algebra course topics and learn broadly-applicable tools and strategies to help them make sense of what they are learning in algebra. Students also discuss and refine their ideas as they work through mental mathematics activities, written puzzles, spoken dialogues, and hands-on explorations that engage them in cultivating mathematical knowledge, intuition, and skills. 


June Mark, Paul Goldenberg, Mary Fries, Jane M. Kang,Tracy M. Cordner

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