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EDC’s Learning and Teaching Division produces resources in the form of reports, books, Web-based tools, and multimedia for stakeholders across the education continuum. Some of these resources are developed exclusively by EDC while others are the result of collaborations with federal and state government, universities, foundations, and other funders.

Title Description Typesort descending Year
Making Science Mentors: A 10-Session Guide for Middle Grades

Making Science Mentors prepares effective mentors of middle school science teachers using a long-term, inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning how to be a more effective science educator. Developed under a grant from the National...

Publication 2007
Six Questions for the EdTech Field to Think About When Designing for the 0 to 8 Set

In this blog post, EDC Vice President and Director of the Center for Children and Technology Shelley Pasnik discusses how important it is for researchers to keep equity at the forefront when studying media for early learning and poses six key...

Publication 2014
Practice Guide: Improving Mathematical Problem Solving in Grades 4 Through 8

Mark Driscoll is coauthor of this Practice Guide, published by the Institute of Education Sciences, that provides five recommendations for improving students’ mathematical problem solving in grades 4 through 8. The guide is geared toward teachers...

Publication 2012
MassCAN Briefing Book

Founded in 2013, the Massachusetts Computing Attainment Network (MassCAN) is a partnership of organizations collaborating to inspire and educate students in the field of computer science and prepare them to lead and innovate in a future economy...

Publication 2016
Research Brief: Blending Early Care and Education Funds: Issues, Opportunities, and Strategies

This research brief describes the study's finance-related findings. Profiles the sources of resources, strategies used to manage funds, and issues in managing funds from different sources.

Publication 2003
The Development and Testing of an Instrument to Measure Youth Social Capital in the Domain of Postsecondary Transitions

This research article, published in Youth Society, discusses the development and field testing of an instrument designed to measure youth social capital in the context of postsecondary transitions, This research addresses the need for...

Publication 2016
Bringing Math Students into the Formative Assessment Equation: Tools and Strategies for the Middle Grades

Published by Corwin, this book describes a process that teachers can use to engage students as partners in the formative assessment process—involving students in assessing their own learning and building the skills and knowledge they need to...

Publication 2015
STEM 4 All

The STEM for All website, toolkit of resources, and training were developed by the Center for Afterschool Education at Foundations, Inc., and YouthLearn at EDC. The goal of STEM 4 All is to expand the integration of science, technology,...

Publication 2011
Instructional Coaching: Helping Preschool Teachers Meet Their Full Potential

The authors describe an instructional coaching model that EDC uses to support preschool teachers in applying new knowledge and evidence-based practices in their work with children. The model helps teachers cultivate the habit of using self-...

Publication 2011
Teacher Evaluation and Professional Learning: Lessons from Early Implementation in a Large Urban District

This study, conducted by the REL Northeast & Islands in collaboration with the Northeast Educator Effectiveness Research Alliance, looked closely at one large urban district’s educator...

Publication 2016
Infographic: Key Findings from Opportunities and Challenges in Secondary Career and Technical Education

This infographic presents findings from EDC's white paper on career and technical education (CTE) strengths, needs, and possibilities. The findings are drawn from a survey of 850 CTE educators nationwide and 11 interviews with CTE state leaders...

Publication 2014
Quick-Click Tour of LTD FY15 Resources

This "Quick-Click Tour" presents some of the online and print resources that the Learning and Teaching Division at EDC produced from October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015.

Publication 2015
Habits of Mind: An Organizing Principle for Mathematics Curriculum

The mathematics developed in this century will be the basis for the technological and scientific innovations developed in the next one. The thought processes, the ways of looking at things, the habits of mind used by mathematicians, computer...

Publication 2010
The Science and Mathematics of Building Structures

Published in Science & Children, this article describes how everyday activities—such as building with blocks—can be the basis for meaningful learning that meets national educational standards in science and mathematics. The authors...

Publication 2004
Project Strategies to Engage Underrepresented Populations

This STELAR Data Brief describes NSF's Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) program's focus on engaging underrepresented youth populations in its funded projects. In a 2012 Data Brief, 70% of responding ITEST...

Publication 2015
Immersive Learning for Teacher Professional Development

One of the most emergent and rapidly mutating forms of online and computer-based learning is "immersive environments." As its name suggests, an immersive environment allows learners to be totally "immersed" in a self-contained artificial or...

Publication 2012
Math Education Practices for Students with Disabilities and other Struggling Learners: Case Studies of Six Schools in the Northeast and Islands Region States

This report describes in-depth practices at six schools that are making targeted efforts to improve math education for students with disabilities and other struggling learners. It examines each school's practices for improving the math learning...

Publication 2008
Guide to the Competency-Based Learning Survey for Students

Many states are beginning to move away from policies that base student advancement on credits and "seat time" toward competency-based learning policies that provide schools with the flexibility to link advancement to a student's mastery of...

Publication 2016
Possible Worlds

This free website has been named a "Site of the Week" by eSchool News. The site offers free digital games and instructional resources targeted to help middle school science teachers address students' persistent misconceptions. The games...

Publication 2014
Investigating the Impact of the Cisco 21st Century Schools Initiative on Forrest County School District

The Cisco 21st Century Schools Initiative (Cisco 21S Initiative) represents an intensive, four-year, $80 million investment in technology, training programs, and Cisco employee resources in Mississippi and Louisiana. This report details...

Publication 2009