Opening Doors to Computer Science


This feature article spotlights two of EDC's 23 initiatives related to computer science and computational thinking: Beauty & Joy of Computing NYC and Massachusetts Computing Attainment Network. In all of EDC's initiatives, we seek to improve the quality of computer science education and expand access to great CS learning experiences for all students. “The real power of computer science is that it gives you a language to help you do stuff you want to do,” says June Mark. “That power to create things can be harnessed to attract more students to computer science. We need to use that to actively recruit kids who might not see themselves as computer scientists or interested in this field...” “Student interest in computer science keeps expanding, but there are not enough teachers to teach the subject,” Jim Stanton says. “We have to help districts scale up their efforts to offer high-quality computer science courses, and to train and retain teachers who are qualified to teach the subject.”


CS Ed Week Special Feature

Publication Date: 

Monday, December 5, 2016