EDC Team is Awarded 100Kin10 Fellowship

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EDC is one of nine 100Kin10 partner organizations that have been awarded 100Kin10 Fellowships. A team including Eden Badertscher and Uma MacDowell was selected from a large pool of applicants—there are over 280 100Kin10 partners—to receive the Fellowship for their work on EDC’s National Science Foundation-funded project, Designing for Equity by Thinking In and About Mathematics (DEbT-M). Grounded in improvement science, the 100Kin10 Fellowship focuses on supporting partners’ efforts to empower teachers to experiment with their instruction, engage all students in active STEM learning, and improve STEM learning outcomes for all students. Fellowships are awarded based on the innovativeness and effectiveness of partners’ approaches to improving STEM learning. Fellows’ projects include efforts to enhance STEM teacher training—including sustaining vibrant professional learning communities (PLCs), such as the DEbT-M PLC—revising school norms to better serve students, shifting testing priorities and refining approaches toward student and teacher evaluation, among others.

EDC's DEbT-M intervention responds to the urgent need to address opportunity gaps in mathematics learning arising from poverty through a focused program of professional development that involves teachers, mathematicians, and mathematics educators as equal partners in improving students' mathematics achievement. Over the last several years, with our partners Pittsburgh Public Schools, the University of Pittsburgh, and the Carnegie Mellon University, EDC has piloted the DebT-M program in Pittsburgh, establishing a strong community of mathematical practice devoted to closing the opportunity gap for marginalized secondary mathematics students in the city.

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Last updated: December 19, 2016