EDC Researcher Featured on EdWeek Online Chat

Heather Lavigne

On Monday, December 19, from 2 to 3 pm ET, Heather Lavigne, PhD (at left) was a featured guest in an Education Week online chat. During the online chat, “The Changing Nature of the K–12 Principal’s Role,” Dr. Lavigne shared the results of a recent REL Northeast & Islands at EDC study that examined the amount of time school principals spend on the job and what they do with that time. Published by the Institute of Education Sciences, “Principals’ Time, Tasks, and Professional Development: An Analysis of Schools and Staffing Survey Data,” finds that school principals, on average, work nearly 60 hours a week, or 1.5 times the standard, full-time workload.

The online chat was moderated by EdWeek Assistant Editor Sarah Sparks, who writes EdWeek's Inside School Research Blog. Sparks and Lavigne discussed what the data shows about the changing nature of the principal’s role, and how creative school leaders are finding ways to manage their multiple and competing responsibilities. On November 1, Sparks wrote a news article about the REL study’s findings and its implications. And on November 9, in response to the study, EdWeek posted a series of videos, called “Principals on the Clock,” that document how six principals across the country spend their long work days.

Last Updated: December 2016