"Early Childhood: What's Next?" September 19 Event

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On September 19, 2017, EDC hosted "Early Childhood—What’s Next?” at its headquarters in Waltham, Mass. During the all-day event, over 100 New England early childhood leaders and policymakers came together to discuss the field's current challenges and opportunities, and explore strategies to improve the health and early learning of all young chlidren from birth to age eight. Co-sponsored by Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance, Rhode Island KIDS COUNT, and Strategies for Children, the event featured a keynote presentation by Ellen Galinsky of the Bezos Family Foundation and six sessions by EDC's early childhood experts. Click on the hyperlinked titles below to view the powerpoint slides for each presentation, as well as the graphic recordings that were produced over the course of the day.

  1. Building An Early Learning Nation by Ellen Galinsky
  2. Technology Tools and Early Learning: Parents' and Teachers' Use of Digital Media to Support Healthy Development by Shelley Pasnik
  3. Nurturing Mathematical Mindsets: Promoting Preschoolers' Mastery Motivation and Mathematical Thinking by Kristen Reed and Jessica Young
  4. Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN): A New Addition to Early Childhood Improvement Effort by Mary Mackrain and Nancy Topping-Tailby
  5. Teaching Science with Confidence in Early Childhood Classrooms by Cindy Hoisington and Jeff Winokur
  6. P-3 Community Partnerships: School and Community Collaboration Across the Early Years and a related handout by David Jacobson
  7. Shifting from Reactive to Proactive: Promoting Executive Function and Social Emotional Learning in Early Childhood by Karen Cairone and Jess Gropen.
  8. Commissioner Panel Graphic Recording by Kit Irwin.
  9. Ellen Galinsky Keynote Graphic Recording by Kit Irwin.
  10. Key Takeaways and Next Steps Graphic Recording by Kit Irwin.


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