As Data Proliferates Across Fields, A Call For Literacy


In this article, the author interviews Randy Kochevar, the Director of EDC's Oceans of Data Institute, who discusses the Institute's new report and explains why data literacy is so important in today's world: "Thanks to the Internet and other advances in technology, data of all sorts are more accessible than ever before. A new report from the Oceans of Data Institute, part of the nonprofit Education Development Center, asserts that students and teachers need a new focus on helping students understand and work with all of that information. Randy Kochevar, the director of the Oceans of Data Institute and a marine biologist (he says the institute's name's connection to his previous profession is a coincidence), said schools from elementary level to college need to help students learn how to work with the enormous amount of information we now have access to. 'Schools and teachers are recognizing that data and the ability to interact effectively with data is increasingly important,' Kochevar said. 'It touches all aspects of our life.'"


Education Week

Publication Date: 

Friday, May 6, 2016