EDC Launches Zoom In! Teaching Science with Data

Bill Tally

With support from the National Science Foundation, EDC has launched an initiative, Zoom In! Teaching Science with Data, to build high school students’ skills in using data to investigate and explain significant problems in biology and earth science. Led by PI Bill Tally (at left) and co-PIs Kira Krumhansl and Megan Silander, a team from EDC’s Oceans of Data Institute and Center for Children & Technology will design, develop, and test six curriculum modules that will be delivered via EDC’s Zoom In, an online instructional platform named a 2016 Best Website for Teaching and Learning. The modules will also use the powerful data analysis software created by Concord Consortium’s Common Online Data Analysis Platform.

PI Bill Tally said, “We designed Zoom In to enhance social studies and literacy instruction, and it has been highly successful. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to apply the strengths of Zoom In’s instructional design model to support science teachers in fostering students’ data literacy.”

Oceans of Data Institute Director Randy Kochevar added, “By testing the modules in high schools that serve students from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds, we hope to advance our understanding of how to provide them with the skills, knowledge, and behaviors they need to interact effectively with data.”

Last Updated: November 2016