New Report: Public Media's Role in Promoting Equitable Access to High-Quality Early Learning

Role of public media in promoting equitable access to high-quality early learnin

In an illuminating new report, EDC and SRI share progress and potential leverage points in using educational media and community engagement to enhance the school readiness and success of children living in low-income households. As the summative evaluation partner to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and PBS, EDC and SRI have measured children’s learning outcomes under Ready To Learn (RTL) for a decade.

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The Impact of America’s Largest Classroom on Learning

Mon, 03/28/2016


Findings from EDC studies are featured in this report by PBS

This report highlights three recent investigations into how PBS content influences learning, the effectiveness of PBS content in improving student achievement, and the readiness of PBS to connect with the next generation of educators and learners. The second section of the report presents results from an impact study conducted by EDC (led by PI Babette Moeller) that examined the impact of PBS LearningMedia content on student performance when integrated into curricula.

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24 pp.

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Article by EDC and SRI Staff Featured in Special Issue of Journal of Children and Media

Children and Media

EDC researchers and colleagues from SRI have published an article in a special commemorative issue of Journal of Children and Media that celebrates the publication’s 10-year anniversary.

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Inspiring Educator

Maine’s News Center 6 aired an “Inspiring Educator” story that spotlights teacher Lisa Coburn, who is collaborating with EDC’s interactive STEM team to study new strategies to improve her students’ math outcomes. Lisa also appears in several of EDC’s Interactive STEM videos.


Maine News Center 6

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Mon, 03/07/2016

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A New Model in Math Education

This news item spotlights a National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded partnership among EDC, Boston College, Boston University, and Math for America Boston that is preparing exemplary math teachers to work in high-need school districts in the Boston area: "Veteran Brighton High School math teacher Chloe Ford said the program workshops give her the chance to develop new lessons and find solutions to issues ranging from curriculum development to helping students cope with math anxiety. There’s also a welcome emphasis on working through tough math problems. 'I like the emphasis on doing math,' said Ford. 'It gives us teachers opportunities to do challenging math problem solving and remember what it is like to be students. In this process we get a chance to collaborate with each other and discuss applications of problem solving within the classroom.'"


BC News

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Mon, 02/29/2016

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