Join EDC at AERA 2016


Friday, April 8, 2016
Washington, DC

On April 8 to 12, explore EDC researchers' new findings at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). In 2016, AERA's Centennial Year, the theme of the Annual Meeting is “Public Scholarship to Educate Diverse Democracies." Highlights include:

Scan the schedule below to view all of our sessions, and we look forward to seeing you at AERA!

Time EDC Researchers Paper Session Location
Friday, April 8
12:00–1:30 Regan Vidiksis Development of an Early Mathematics Assessment to Evaluate the Promise of a Program for Families Roundtable Session 4: Assessing Children’s Physical, Language, Cognitive Development and School Readiness Convention Center, Level Two, Exhibit Hall D, Section D
2:15–3:45 Pam Buffington
Reconceptualizing How We Study and Support Research Use Invited Speaker Session Convention Center, Level One, Room 143C
2:15–3:45 Noah Goodman, Daniel Light Coding Twitter: Reflections on Analyzing Science Tweets Roundtable Session 8: Revisiting Approaches to Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis Convention Center, Level Two, Exhibit Hall D, Section B
Saturday, April 9
8:15–9:45 Amy Busey, Randy Kochevar Ocean Tracks and the Common Online Data Analysis Platform: Student Exploration of Marine Tracking Data in an Online Data Analysis Environment Symposium: Student Thinking, Learning, and Inquiry with the Common Online Data Analysis Platform Marriott Marquis, Level Four, Independence Salon A
4:05–6:05 Shelley Pasnik Ready to Learn PBS KIDS Transmedia Supports Math Learning for Underserved Children Across Settings Symposium: Transforming Early Childhood Education with Transmedia: Findings from the Ready to Learn Initiative (2010-2015) Convention Center, Level One, Room 143A
4:05–5:35 Jackie DeLisi Observing and Measuring Resilience in Urban Youth in Social Justice for Talented Emerging Minds (SjTEM) Symposium: Programs that Engage and Motivate Students to Pursue STEM Careers Through NSF-Funded ITEST Programs Convention Center, Level One, Room 144C
4:05–5:35 Pam Buffington, Jo Louie, Catherine McCulloch Promoting Early Elementary Mathematical Thinking with Interactive Technology: A Collaborative Investigation Structured Poster Session: Strategies for Promoting and Studying Equity in Design-Oriented Research-Practice Partnerships Convention Center, Level One, Room 102B
Sunday, April 10
8:15–9:45 Babette Moeller, Chair and Presenter Lessons Learned About Recruiting Schools and the Implementation of Professional Development Symposium: Math for All: Lessons Learned from Piloting a Randomized Controlled Trial in a Large Urban District Marriott Marquis, Level Two, Marquis Salon 3
Monday, April 11
8:15–9:45 Sarah Ryan, Discussant Pathways Through Math Across Levels of Schooling Paper Session Convention Center, Level One, Room 158B
10:35-12:45 Clare Irwin Parental Status As Risk Protection from Early Childhood Conduct Disturbances: National Growth Mixture Models Paper Session: Revisiting Sociocultural Influences in Assessment and Student Performance: Challenges and Opportunities Marriott Marquis, Level Four, Independence Salon G
2:15–3:45 Paul Goldenberg Developing a Puzzler’s Disposition: Learning to be Intrepid and Tenacious in Mathematics Symposium: Broadening What Counts as Mathematics in Mathematics Education Marriott Marquis, Level Three, Union Station
4:05–5:35 Wendy Martin, Megan Silander Using Analogy Mapping to Teach Electricity with a Digital Game Poster Session 13: Technology Based Learning Environments for STEM Education Convention Center, Level Two, Exhibit Hall D
Tuesday, April 12
8:15–9:45 Jacqueline Zweig, Julie Riordan Working with Practitioners on a Study on Data Collection and Use in Early Childhood Education Programs Structured Poster Session: Connecting Research and Practice: REL Partnerships to Improve Data Use in Education Convention Center, Level One, Room 101

Daniel Light, Panelist

Engaging Diverse Communities in Scholarship through Innovative Community-Involved and Culturally Responsive Methodologies Invited Speaker Session Marriott Marquis, Level 4, Congress
10:35–12:05 Julie Riordan, Katherine Shields, Carrie Parker English Learners Who Waive Services in a Northeastern District: Profile and Outcomes Structured Poster Session: Collaboration to Improve Educational Opportunities for English Learners in the U.S. Convention Center, Level One, Room 101
10:35–12:05 Abigail Jurist Levy Nonusers, Lurkers, and Posters: Profiles of Participation and Engagement in a Large-Scale Online Teacher Community Paper Session: Understanding and Using Learner Data in Technology Environments Convention Center, Level One, Room 144B


Shelley Pasnik, Naomi Hupert

Using Curated Public Media Resources to Support Children’s Mathematics Learning

Symposium: Learning from Educational Media at Home: Principles and Practices for Working with Families

Convention Center, Level One, Room 144B