Engineering for Every K–12 Student: A Landscape Analysis of K–12 Engineering Education in the Greater Boston Region

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This landscape study, funded by the National Science Foundation and developed collaboratively by EDC and Tufts University, takes a look at the state of K–12 engineering education in the Greater Boston region. Through targeted interviews with and a survey of Boston-area stakeholders, the authors aimed to learn where stakeholders’ interests overlap and where needs exist. The analysis was augmented by a review of literature and websites. Massachusetts is clearly a frontrunner in K–12 engineering education and home to a great many stakeholder groups invested in improving engineering education, collaborating in a variety of ways. However, findings from this study indicate that stakeholders recognize that while opportunities abound for students, there are particular gaps. Read the report to learn more.



Daryl Williams (Tufts University), Catherine McCulloch, Tracy McMahon, Leslie Goodyear

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80 pp.
Engineering for Every K-12 Student: A Landscape Analysis