Buffington Honored as 2016 Richard H. Balomenos Lecturer

Picture of Pam Buffington

Pam Buffington was selected to be the 2016 Richard H. Balomenos Lecturer by the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England (ATMNE). For 28 years, one mathematics educator from New England who offers “the type of strong, and possibly controversial points of view that spark us to think carefully about the improvement of mathematics education” has been chosen to receive this honor each year. As part of the award, Pam Buffington presented the keynote “Strategic Use of Mobile Technologies as an Equity Move” at the ATMNE Conference. Learn about Pam's work with the EDC Interactive STEM team—part of the National Science Foundation-funded R+P Collaboratory initiative—view a December 2015 R+P Collaboratory webinar featuring Pam and colleague Josephine Louie, and read about the new Visual Access to Mathematics initiative that Pam is co-leading with PI Mark Driscoll and co-PI Johannah Nikula.

Last Updated: January 2016