EDC to Measure and Address Students’ Misconceptions of Statistics

Mark Driscoll

In a new collaboration with Measured Progress, EDC will work to dismantle a significant obstacle to students’ STEM learning and college and career success—lack of understanding of statistics and negative attitudes toward statistics. An inability to think critically about data and weak foundational understandings of basic statistical concepts prevents far too many students from pursuing higher levels of statistics education and careers involving data analysis. Over the next three years, a team led by co-Project Directors Rachel Wing-Dimatteo and Mark Driscoll (shown at left), and including Johannah Nikula and Jill Neumayer-Depiper, will work with Measured Progress to create resources to assess and develop Grade 6 and 7 students’ understandings, knowledge, and affect related to statistics. The team will develop resources for teachers—diagnostic assessments and teacher tutorials—as well as activities that will engage students in real-world applications of statistics and data analysis designed to improve all students’ understanding of and affect related to statistics.

Last Updated: October 2013