EDC Presents New Findings on Career and Technical Education

Ilene Kantrov

To help inform career and technical education (CTE) policy-making, Ilene Kantrov's white paper, Opportunities and Challenges in Secondary Career and Technical Education, presents findings drawn from EDC's survey of 850 CTE educators nationwide, a series of interviews with state CTE leaders, and a review of relevant literature. The paper offers a panoramic view of CTE in the U.S.—its strengths, needs, and possibilities—that Kantrov summarizes in her blog post "Ensuring College AND Career Readiness." Kantrov and Joyce Malyn-Smith presented findings from the paper during the 2014 Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE) Policy Seminar and CareerTech Vision Conference in Washington, DC and several other national and regional forums.

Last Updated: August 2016