EDC Promotes Successful STEM Education

Students in Science Lab

In 2011, the National Science Foundation chose EDC as a partner to share findings from the National Research Council (NRC) report Successful K12 STEM Education. Since then, a team led by PI Barbara Berns and Co-PI Catherine McCulloch has planned and co-hosted 5 STEM Smart meetings that have engaged over 1,000 K–12 teachers, administrators, and informal educators, as well as policy-makers and higher education faculty, in learning about 93 evidence-based STEM programs and exploring how they can apply the NRC report’s findings in their work.

Berns says, “EDC was selected to play a lead role in the STEM Smart dissemination work because it is recognized that one of our major assets is capacity-building and bringing together research and practice to enhance STEM education. These meetings are not a random show and tell. The NSF picks STEM education projects to present that have a research base underlying their approach." Read the team’s 6 briefs on STEM topics (a seventh brief, Engineering a Complete STEM Education, will be available for the June 23 meeting in Atlanta on which the team has collaborated with the American Society for Engineering Education).

Last Updated: May 2013