EDC's Oceans of Data Institute: New Report Sets Forth A Bold Data Literacy Mission

EDC Oceans of Data Literacy new report on data literacy

In a new report, EDC's Oceans of Data Institute sets forth an ambitious goal: To bring data literacy to 100 million students by 2021. Based on a workshop hosted by EDC and IBM that engaged big data analysts and education experts in discussing how to ensure our K–16 education system fosters data literacy, the report, Building Global Interest in Data Literacy, includes a Call for Action to Promote Data Literacy that all participants signed (please join them in signing the Call for Action). To date, our education system has paid little attention to promoting data literacy—at an increasingly high cost. Big Data is here to stay, and only data-literate students with strong data literacy and analytical skills will be ready for the workforce and able to solve tomorrow’s environmental, economic, and societal challenges.

To begin to chart a course to bring data literacy to 100 million students by 2021, the report presents the following:

  • A definition of data literacy
  • A description of the seven key activities that a data-literate person is able to do
  • Key skills associated with data literacy
  • A close-up look at analytical thinking, its role in data literacy, and its applications in workplaces

The report features real-life examples of on-the-job analytical thinking and data literacy shared by four workshop participants: a crime analyst for a police department; a data scientist at Google; a principal data scientist for a management consulting firm; and a user experience design consultant. Learn more about the report in this Education Week article, in the feature article Defining Data Literacy for Students, and in this EDC press release.

Last Updated: May 2016