Series of Articles Shares Findings from Possible Worlds

Katherine McMillan Culp

In three articles published on the Games+Learning website, EDC Senior Research Scientist Katherine McMillan Culp (at left) shares findings and insights from EDC's six years of leading the National Research and Development Center on Instructional Technology (Possible Worlds). With funding from the U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences, EDC developed and studied four Possible Worlds games and related activities that address common middle-school science misconceptions about photosynthesis, genetics, electricity, and heat transfer.

Culp's three articles include: "Developers Should Focus on Function Over Aesthetics" (May 12), "To Unlock Power of Games Watch How Teachers Use Them" (May 14), and "Our Games Are for Play, Not for Assessment" (May 16).

Last Updated: May 2014