TV411 Health Smarts While You Wait Wins Acclaim

At the September 21 awards ceremony of the Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals in Dallas, New York Methodist Hospital received a 2012 Extraordinary Program Award for its implementation of EDC's TV411 health literacy program, Health Smarts While You Wait (HSWYW). Low-cost and hands-on, HSWYW is used by volunteer instructors working with patients in non-acute hospital waiting rooms. The kit's multimedia units—available in English, Spanish, and Chinese—cover reading and understanding drug labels, understanding dosages and dosage schedules, using a medical journal to keep track of family health information, and reading nutrition labels on packaged foods.

TV411 created HSWYW in 2006 with funding partners the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation and the Starr Foundation and in collaboration with health care professionals at five NYC hospitals, including New York Methodist. With support from the United Hospital Fund, NYC hospitals and community health centers are still implementing the program. This is the second time HSWYW has received recognition of excellence; Gouverneur Hospital received an award from the NYC Health and Hospitals Corp for its implementation of the program.

Last Updated: September 2012