Two EDC-Designed Digital Games Available for Download

Cipher Force screenshot

Two digital games designed and studied by EDC teams in collaboration with game developers are now available online. Go to the iTunes store to access a four-level version of the science game, The Ruby Realm. Developed through the IES-funded Possible Worlds: A National Research and Development Center on Instructional Technology, Ruby Realm enhances students’ understanding of some of the most difficult concepts in middle grade science class. Teachers can draw upon the games and supplementary materials to deepen their instruction about topics that are typically the subject of students' scientific misconceptions, including photosynthesis, heat transfer, and the nature of electricity.  

Cipher Force and Code Invaders, two literacy/vocabulary games developed with support from Educause Next Generation Learning Challenges, are available on the Edmodo website for free download by teachers. The two linked, team-based games are designed to build middle grade students’ capacity to discriminate among possible meanings of multiple-meaning words. Tested in both Web-based and portable game device platforms, the games have been shown to have a high level of appeal for teachers and students and an impact on student knowledge of the meanings of specific high-frequency, multiple-meaning words.

Last Updated: March 2013