Kelsey Klein


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Research Associate

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43 Foundry Avenue
Waltham, Massachusetts 02453-8313



Kelsey Klein specializes in research, evaluation, measurement, and statistical data analysis. She has extensive expertise in survey design and implementation, with a methodological focus on psychometrics and multilevel modeling. To all of her work, she brings a deep commitment to working with practitioners to design and conduct studies that advance knowledge of effective strategies to improve outcomes for students who face significant opportunity gaps and are most at risk.  

Klein is contributing her quantitative research and methodological expertise to EDC's Beauty and Joy of Computing for New York City initiative. This National Science Foundation-funded Mathematics and Science Partnership is developing and testing an Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Principles course​ to attract non-traditional computing students (particularly female and underrepresented minority students) to the breadth and depth of ideas in modern computer science. She is playing a key role in data collection, analysis, and reporting on the implementation and scale-up of the course.

Through her research assistantship at Boston College, Klein is also supporting EDC’s research efforts on the NSF-funded project, Supporting Success in Algebra: A Study of the Implementation of Transition to Algebra. This study is examining the implementation and impact of EDC’s Transition to Algebra, a year-long mathematics course intended to be taken concurrently with Algebra I to provide additional support for students who are underprepared for Algebra.

Klein is co-author of “Suppressor Variables: The Difference between ‘Is’ versus ‘Acting As’” (Journal of Statistics Education).

Before joining EDC, Klein was a graduate research assistant at Boston College, where she participated in the refinement of a scale to measure older adult engagement in productive activities and served as a graduate teaching assistant. She began her research and evaluation career as an undergraduate research consultant for the Center for Applied Statistics and Evaluation (CASE) at Truman State University.

Klein received a BS in Psychology from Truman State University. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment, formerly Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation, in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College.