Mary Fries


Mary Fries
Senior Curriculum/Instructional Design Associate

Mailing Address: 

43 Foundry Avenue
Waltham, Massachusetts 02453-8313



Mary Fries, a highly skilled instructional designer and professional developer, brings expertise in mathematics education, including teaching, leadership, professional development, and curriculum planning and design. Her work reflects her commitment to designing resources and interventions that address “Mathematics Trauma” and seek to close opportunity gaps in mathematics education that serve to perpetuate racism.

Fries is a web and content developer and researcher on the Beauty and Joy of Computing project, which is adapting a University of California, Berkeley introductory computer science course into a high school AP Computer Science Principles course with the goal of helping diverse students enjoy and succeed at computer science. 

Fries is also the lead developer for the iPuzzle project, a two-year research and development initiative funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) that is creating apps for users to play, build, and share arithmetic and algebraic puzzles. The project’s first app is SolveMe Mobiles. She has also contributed to EDC’s Implementing the Mathematical Practice Standards online resource for educators.

Recently, Fries coauthored EDC’s Transition to Algebra (TTA) curriculum published by Heinemann. TTA provides a full year of student and teacher materials that support struggling learners in enjoying and succeeding in algebra class. She is also the coauthor of Making Sense of Algebra: Developing Students' Mathematical Habits of Mind, a professional book that describes the teaching and learning principles espoused in TTA.  Fries provides TTA professional development for teachers around the country, and shares her work at the annual conferences of leading organizations such as the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 

Before joining EDC, Fries served as the dean of mathematics, science, and technology at Windham High School in Windham, NH; as a board member and curriculum committee chair of the Academy for Science and Design Charter in Merrimack, NH; and as a member of the Windham Initiative for Renewable Energy.

Fries holds a BS in Mathematics through Mary Baldwin College’s Program for the Exceptionally Gifted, an MA in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and a CAGS in Mathematics Education from Boston University.