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Matt McLeod
Research Scientist

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770 N. Halsted Street, Suite 205
Chicago, IL 60642

As a teacher, teacher leader, and instructional coach, Matt McLeod brings extensive experience in student and adult learning and teaching strategies. Understanding that doing mathematics is much more than applying procedures and completing calculations, McLeod has worked to improve teachers’ content knowledge and hone their instructional strategies to help develop their students into true mathematicians. He is highly experienced in designing and providing professional development to teachers and district leaders in mathematical content, curriculum and pedagogical best practices.

McLeod’s work is focused largely on the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M).  A contributor to Implementing the Mathematical Practice Standards and to Learning and Teaching Algebra, McLeod has co-authored many resources designed to help teachers understand the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP) and recognize these in student work. Through other projects, he has worked with teachers and district leaders to help shift mathematics instruction to be more aligned with the rigor and expectations of the CCSS-M. 

Currently, McLeod is expanding his horizons by leading a project to develop K–2 formative assessment tasks. This work is being done for PARCC and their non-summative assessment team. McLeod is also part of the Designing for Equity by Thinking in and about Mathematics (DEbT-M) project, which is working with teachers to change their current educational systems, particularly in their mathematics classrooms, to be more equitably accessible to all students. Recently, he joined the Math For All study team and is engaged in an effort to examine the efficacy of a PD program designed to improve teachers’ ability to reach learners of all abilities.

McLeod is also adjunct faculty at Northeastern Illinois University, where he is an instructor in the MSTQE (Math, Science, and Technology for Quality Education) program preparing the next generation of middle-school math and science teachers. Through this program, he is also serving on a committee to establish a new set of teacher qualification standards for Illinois.

Prior to joining EDC in 2012, McLeod held many roles in Chicago Public Schools (CPS), including middle-grades mathematics and reading teacher, Grade 8 algebra instructional coach (in collaboration with EDC, using CME Project Algebra I), and district math specialist. In his final year with CPS, McLeod led a team to design a plan and all of the subsequent components to help CPS transition to the CCSS-M.

McLeod has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University and an MEd in Educational Leadership from University of Illinois–Chicago.