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EDC’s Learning and Teaching Division produces resources in the form of reports, books, Web-based tools, and multimedia for stakeholders across the education continuum. Some of these resources are developed exclusively by EDC while others are the result of collaborations with federal and state government, universities, foundations, and other funders.

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Quick-Click Tour: EDC's New Resources

This "Quick-Click Tour" tour offers a fast way to explore over 100 of the new resources—including videos, articles, toolkits, online resources, books, reports, and briefs—that EDC produced in FY17. Videos can be viewed within this issuu document...

Publication 2017
Engineering for Every K–12 Student: A Landscape Analysis of K–12 Engineering Education in the Greater Boston Region

This landscape study, funded by the National Science Foundation and developed collaboratively by EDC and Tufts University, takes a look at the state of K–12 engineering education in the Greater Boston region. Through targeted interviews with and...

Publication 2016
Youth Media Stories

This series of 17 features published on the Adobe Education Exchange website spotlights the powerful role that media making can play in the lives of youth around the world. The author provides a vivid, close-up view of the experiences, insights,...

Publication 2016
Why Summers Matter

This NCASE Summer Learning Brief discusses how the summer “opportunity gap” contributes to gaps in achievement that persist and widen over time, particularly for low-income students. This brief is intended to surface the critical issues related...

Publication 2016
In Support of Educators: Strategies that Work

This collection of essays shares insights and strategies from EDC's work to support teachers' professional learning, as well as links to an array of EDC's resources for teachers. The authors' essays focus on: 1) Characteristics of EDC's...

Publication 2016
5 Key Practices and 10 Ideas for Educators to Assist with Culturally Responsive Family Engagement

This EDC tip sheet responds to research findings that show that students with engaged families are more likely to earn higher grades and test scores, enroll in higher level academic programs, be promoted on time and earn more credits, adapt...

Publication 2016
Resilient Kids: 10 Effective Strategies to Build Young Children's Bounce

This EDC tip sheet focuses on resilience: the ability to bounce back from or cope with life’s difficulties. Resilient children seem to face difficulty with a sturdy disposition. Instead of fight, flight, or freeze, they seem to think, “How can I...

Publication 2016
Dramatic Change, Persistent Challenges: A Five-Year View of Children’s Educational Media as Resources for Equity

EDC researchers and colleagues from SRI have published a new article in a special commemorative issue of Journal of Children and Media that celebrates the publication’s 10-year anniversary. The article provides a review of the...

Publication 2016
A Learner-Centered Design Method for Educational Technology

Since 2003, EDC has implemented projects that work directly with middle school aged youth from underserved populations to develop digital resources aimed at encouraging young people to pursue STEM education and careers. It is through this work...

Publication 2014
Early STEM Learning and the Roles of Technologies

In this EDC white paper, the authors discuss how the thoughtful use of technology by early childhood teachers and families can enhance the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning of children from birth to age eight and...

Publication 2016
Effective Chemistry Communication in Informal Environments

As acknowledged in the introduction to this National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report, EDC contributed to the report by conducting a landscape study that provided the report Committee with key background on challenges and...

Publication 2016
The KC EMPOWER Project: Designing More Accessible STEM Activities

This paper, published in K–12 STEM Education, describes an effort to examine how STEM resources could be made more accessible for students, regardless of what abilities...

Publication 2016
Next Generation STEM Learning For All: Envisioning Advances Based on NSF Supported Research

This report presents important takeaways from a one-day National Science Foundation (NSF)-supported Forum, “Next Generation STEM Learning for All,” organized by Education Development Center (EDC) and SRI International through the...

Publication 2016
EDC STEM Fact Sheet

This fact sheet summarizes some of the challenges related to STEM education in the U.S. and provides an overview of EDC's work to support all students' successful STEM learning. Brief descriptions of some of our preschool through college STEM...

Publication 2017
Adobe Education Exchange Youth Media Collection

The Youth Media Collection at the Adobe Education Exchange offers resources on facilitating creative media making with young people. Originally created for Adobe Youth Voices (AYV), these resources include the AYV Guide for educators; toolkits,...

Publication 2016
Adobe Youth Voices App

Developed for Adobe by EDC, the AYV Story app provides a close-up view of the experiences of the youth media makers and educators who participated in the Adobe Foundation’s Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) initiative. Throughout AYV’s nine-year...

Publication 2016
Broadening Participation—Making STEM Learning Relevant and Rigorous for All Students

This brief reviews findings from a number of recent studies, including NAEP and ACT, along with a series of reports, which reveal critical STEM learning opportunity gaps for students from underrepresented groups and a need to strengthen STEM...

Publication 2015
Quick-Click Tour of LTD FY15 Resources

This "Quick-Click Tour" presents some of the online and print resources that the Learning and Teaching Division at EDC produced from October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015.

Publication 2015
Identifying and Supporting Productive STEM Programs in Out-of-School Settings

EDC Principal Research Scientist Leslie Goodyear is one of 13 experts who, as members of the Committee on Successful Out-of-School STEM Learning appointed by the National Research Council's Board on Education...

Publication 2015
LTDFlix on YouTube

View videos related to our work to improve the effectiveness of education from preschool through college on the LTDFlix YouTube channel.

Video 2015