Research Brief: Implementing LEEP in West Virginia's PreK System

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This research brief highlights the results from the first two years of a four-year, U. S. Department of Education-funded study, Examining the Efficacy of Two Models of Preschool Professional Development in Language and Literacy. The study examined the effectiveness of two versions of EDC’s research-based Literacy Environment Enrichment Program (LEEP). One version uses traditional, face-to-face delivery (LEEP) and another employs distance-learning technology (T-LEEP). EDC studied the impact of LEEP and T-LEEP on teacher practices and child learning in largely urban, Appalachian preschool programs in West Virginia’s Universal Pre-K System that serve a preponderance of at-risk children from low-income families.



Nancy Clark-Chiarelli, Barbara Helms, Jess Gropen

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17 pp.
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