Externships and Beyond

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This white paper, "Externships and Beyond: Work-Based Learning as a Promising Strategy for Increasing the Relevance of Secondary Education," is the second in a series (read the first paper in the series here) that seeks to map the current and future career and technical education (CTE) landscape. Both papers draw on EDC's survey of 850 secondary CTE educators and interviews with 11 state-level CTE leaders. In addition to documenting the increased interest in career preparation that is fueling exciting opportunities for growth in CTE, the survey and interviews highlighted a need to expand partnerships between secondary CTE programs and industry and to strengthen professional development for CTE educators. This paper explores work-based learning (WBL) for teachers, a strategy that appears to have significant potential to address both of these needs, as well as to build teachers' capacity to promote students' college and career readiness through rigorous, relevant learning experiences.  



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