Biology/Biotechnology Curriculum Unit 2: A Genetic Puzzle: The Search for a Solution

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This high school curriculum integrates the conceptual, analytical learning of biology with the technical, applied learning of biotechnology. The curriculum enables academic students to relate the concepts they learn in the classroom to real uses in the world outside. It enables technical students to understand the science concepts that underlie the laboratory techniques they master. Its goal is to broaden the learning of both academic and technical students to enable ALL students to continue to higher education and to learn science-based techniques employed in a high-skilled field of work.

A Genetic Puzzle: The Search for a Solution covers genetics, and some environmental topics. The program compises four booklets of a student curriculum and a comprehensive Teacher Guide.

The curriculum follows a story line about a young teenager— Amanda—who has familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), a genetic disease that causes dangerous levels of cholesterol buildup. The unit follows Amanda as she learns about her condition, its genetic determinants, and both traditional and emerging technological methods for dealing with genetic diseases, including her own. The unit covers topics such as chromosome structure and functions, karyotyping, meiosis, inheritance, mutations, analysis techniques (protein electrophoresis), Punnett squares, change over time, and pedigree analysis.

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Cover of A Genetic Puzzle: The Search for a Solution