Visualizing Oceans of Data: Educational Interface Design

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Large, high-quality scientific data sets that are newly available online allow today’s science students to incorporate working with authentic data into their learning experiences, giving them virtually unlimited opportunities to participate in real scientific work. Yet the educational promise of these large scientific cyberinfrastructures will not be met without concerted effort. This report is designed to support interface and tool designers in their efforts to bridge cyberinfrastructure to the classroom. The authors present guidelines for interface and data visualization tool development and discuss key considerations (principles, research, and theory) that inform these guidelines. The report was produced by the National Science Foundation-funded Oceans of Data project led by EDC and Scripps Institution of Oceanography. 


Ruth Krumhansl, Cheryl Peach, June Foster, Amy Busey, Irene Baker, Jackie DeLisi

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76 pp.
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